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Showroom Plants

Add elegance with showroom plants for your business. By renting plants with Rent Your Plants, you can also enhance your space with calming greenery. It might be a while before clients leave your building, so why not provide a comforting atmosphere? 

We are located in southern California, serving areas such as Los Angeles, San Diego County, Orange County, Temecula, and more. If your business is located in or near these areas, we can conveniently provide you with impressive indoor landscaping right in southern CA! 

Our indoor landscaping in southern CA is customizable to your unique commercial space, looking exceptionally beautiful in automobile showrooms, hospital front desk areas, larger foyers, and other showroom-type areas. Try a Dracaena Massangeana for your showroom, or we can fill up some built-in-planters for your space. With Rent Your Plants, there are so many possibilities without the commitment that comes with buying permanent plants. 

Have questions about our services? Contact us today! 

Note: Typically, businesses will use floor plants as their showroom plants, and these popular showroom plants come in large or extra-large containers. Monthly fees are based on the size of the container, and plant rental is $10 - $25 a month per plant. 

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