Rent Your Plants is an office plants rental service dedicated to supplying your commercial work space with beautiful plants. Our one-of-a-kind service will allow you to rent a plant in southern CA without hassle and enjoy the benefits of a greener workplace. 

With our office plants rental service, we price our plants each by the size of the container. 

The small plants in 8 inch containers are $4.00 a month 

The floor plants in 18 inch containers are $10.00 a month
Extra-large plants in 20 inch containers with top plants
and a bromeliad (color plant) are $25.00 a month 

You would need a special quote for built-in planters and outside containers filled with plants.   
This price includes the plant, our standard container, regular service, free replacement, and simple installation. 

We like to see your facility to pick out what plants you need & like for the area and light. We don't charge for this service and will send you a quote with prices. 

To rent a plant, just contact us! We would be happy to see how our plants can complement YOUR commercial space. Some of the areas we provide service to include Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Temecula, and more!