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Rent Plants in Los Angeles

Are you located in Los Angeles and need to find plants to adorn your office space? Our indoor plants in Los Angeles can completely change the look and feel of your commercial building for the better. 

We make plant rental in Los Angeles simple. By examining your space beforehand, we can help you determine the appropriate plants and plant size for your business. After our initial consultation, you’ll receive plants that were meant for your specific space without the hassle of installation fees.  

With our rental service for indoor plants in Los Angeles, you will know exactly what you are getting: quality plants that will add a pop of color and liveliness to your own space. Searching for plants for your office in another part of southern California? Take a look at the other areas where we supply plant rentals. 

Note: Our plant rental in Los Angeles and other southern California cities is priced monthly per plant, and the cost per plant is based on the size of the plant’s container. This can range anywhere between $10-25 a month per plant. 

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