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Lobby Plants

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the little details like foliage when you’re decorating your work space. At Rent Your Plants, renting out lobby plants is especially popular; it can really brighten up the space in such a lofty area. Searching for hotel lobby plants? No problem! Whether you are struggling with finding the plants that will look the best in the entryway or near the reception area, we have the right plants for every job. We’ll agree on the plants together and provide you with plants big or small—and there are no fees for the initial consultation or installation.

Frequently, we provide plants such as Ficus Lyrata, Dracenas, Bamboo palms, Kentia palms, Rhapis palms, and Good Luck plants for lobby areas. If you’re interested, we also have top plants and bromeliads (color plants) to add more dimension to your arrangement. 

Our lobby plants come in all species and sizes—simply let us know what you are looking for. Want to go big? Check out our floor plants. If you need something a little smaller for the office, try built-in planters and topsiders. Hotel lobby plants as well as general lobby plants can make a huge difference in the appearance and overall feel of a commercial building, and we would be happy to help transform your workspace into a greener paradise. 

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